Monday, July 10, 2006
I was hoping to finish the second panel of Japanese Octagon Box today, and I nearly made it. I only have the beads left to do, but I have to go to sleep now. No photo until I've finished, I want to have the full effect all at once :)

I would stay up and attatch the beads tonight, but I need an early night because I have to be at the station in the morning to pick up my little bro who will be interrupting my holidays for a few days. I love having him over to stay, but I'm worried that I won't get any stitching done. At least he'll do some jobs for me.

I emailed a few different online stores today to chase up the dyelot I need of Slate Blue (GLO124) to fill in between the panels... hopefully someone will come through.

Has anyone ever ordered from Golden Kite? I ordered my chart 2 weeks ago, and I'm still waiting for the download. My payment's been approved, but on the download page it says 'Pending'. I think I'm going to write to them tomorrow.

Aaanway, sleepy time. Goodnight.


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