Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have a finish!! This is Michelle's RR after me. I'm very glad to have something to show for April.

I haven't been working on Toccata II for the last two weeks, because Nicki needed a few weeks off to settle in at home, and I decided that a few weeks off would definitely do me some good, as I have assignments galore to work on and clinical starting next week.

I have been working on JOB though. Kyrie and I are working on this on Mondays, and I didn't post a picture last week, so there are two new panels to show off. I will be very pleased when I've finished all of this black! Two more Mondays should do it (yay).

Aanyway, back to watching The Office. Actually, off to work in about half an hour :(

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Here's week two of Tranquility Mystery Sampler. I'm loving this so far. 1x1 stitching is so lovely, and it's so much fun choosing what colour to use next. I managed to get to Victoria House on my way down to Canberra last Sunday, and bought threads, (all GAST and WDW), and got thoroughly ripped off. 13 threads cost me $71.50!!! At the Crewel Gobelin it would only have cost me about $50 and online it would have cost me even less, including postage! But I am too impatient, so I paid the $71 and got over it! The colours I've used so far are GAST Cherub (LE), Cherry wine, and Bayberry (simply shaker), and WDW Curry and Purple Haze. The chart for week three is up, and I'm already deciding what colours I'm going to use.

I had a week off uni last week, but I still managed to get no stitching done whatsoever. Only a few hours on Mystery X, a few more hours on Michelle's RR, and page 2 of Tranquility Sampler. I haven't even done my motifs for Toccata II yet. I was hoping to get so much done this week. And back to uni next week *sigh*. But, I've decided that Tranquility is the perfect size to do at uni during lectures, so at least I'll be sure to keep up with it :)

So... tomorrow I was hoping to get a lot of stitching done, but I was asked to do a shopping service for a couple tomorrow morning, and I have to go and clean Dad's house in the afternoon. What a bummer :( Maybe I can do a quick job of the cleaning and be finished by about 4ish, then I can stitch until I have to go to work at 8. Here's hoping!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So here's Monday's progress on JOB. I finished the whole black border on part 4. I decided that the borders are what takes me so long, because I get bored, so I think I'm going to do all of the borders first. I am a very slow stitcher, it took me over 4 hours to do that, even with the top already done!

Next up is Toccata II. I'm absolutely loving this more and more every week. I don't know if Nicki has been stitching on this whilst she's been travelling, but I couldn't resist, so I kept going :)
Area 33 - Elongated Smyrna Cross

Area 15 - Darning Pattern
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Saturday, April 07, 2007
I have a week off uni this week, yay! I can't believe I've made it through half a semester already! All I can say is thank god it's behind me! So this week will be stitching catch up week (I've been suffering withdrawl symptoms).

First, and most excitingly, I got RAK'd! Anne sent me one of my favourite charts from my wishlist that I've been admiring for years, but never actually got around to buying: Ice Angel (L&L)Thank you SO much Anne. I was so confused when I saw that I had a parcel in the mailbox, because I wasn't expecting anything. It's amazing how something like that can brighten your whole week!!!

Although I've been so busy, especially with writing horrible assignments, I've still managed to get a few hours a week in for stitching. I'm halfway finished with Michelle's RR. I'm doing Angel of Joy, and she's so lovely. It's just amazing how all of those strange colours work together perfectly to make such a perfect, detailed picture. I would love to stitch all of these up, if I was sure I was going to live forever, that is.

And, the exciting news is that I decided to join Tranquility Mystery sampler along with everyone else in the world. After a false start, I ended up choosing 1 over 1 on 32 count opalescent lugana in Cashmere Glitz from Silkweaver(I got it in a trick or treat bag last year). It's a nice sort of beige colour. I wish it wasn't opalescent, but oh well. I've decided not to use the recommended colours, but to choose overdyed cottons from my stash. I got a few together that I think will work, but I need to go and get a few more GAST from The Crewel Gobelin or some Stitches and Spice threads from Stitchabout (my two LNSs). But I don't know what sorts of colours I need. I was thinking of a dark goldish colour, and definitely a purple or two, and another green...and maybe a brown, I don't know. Any suggestions will definitely be welcomed (hint hint). Anyway, this is what I did at work last night. I think I'll finish part 1 tonight, (exciting!), and then work on part 2 in the car tomorrow on the way to Canberra. Hey, maybe I can stop at Victoria House on the way... oh, the possibilities! So exciting! Oh, the colours there are Cherub (GAST LE), Cherry Wine (GAST), Sugar Cane Crunch (Stitches and Spice, I'm not sure how well this one goes with the other colours...), Gecko (GAST LE), Cornflower (GAST), Midnight (GAST), and Moonlight (GAST. I'm not sure about this one either...)

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Area 35 - Satin Stitch; LTD; Area 34 - Four-sided Stitch; LTD

This week I began my Japanese Octagon Box SAL with Kyrie. I worked on the bottom of part 3, but didn't have a lot of time because I was madly writing an assessment that was due yesterday afternoon. Yuck.

In other news, I had a birthday, and I got RAK'd! More tomorrow, or the day after :)
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