Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have a finish!! This is Michelle's RR after me. I'm very glad to have something to show for April.

I haven't been working on Toccata II for the last two weeks, because Nicki needed a few weeks off to settle in at home, and I decided that a few weeks off would definitely do me some good, as I have assignments galore to work on and clinical starting next week.

I have been working on JOB though. Kyrie and I are working on this on Mondays, and I didn't post a picture last week, so there are two new panels to show off. I will be very pleased when I've finished all of this black! Two more Mondays should do it (yay).

Aanyway, back to watching The Office. Actually, off to work in about half an hour :(

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At 24 April, 2007 22:27, Blogger Arthemise

The RR looks great! Thanks so much!


At 25 April, 2007 10:20, Blogger kizmet-kitten

yayayay JOB!

I need to post a pic of mine, I cheated and stitched yesterday instead of Monday because, being on holidays, I forgot it was monday. Yours looks great, and isn't this one incredible in person! Pictures just honestly do not do it justice...


At 25 April, 2007 19:58, Blogger fudgey

!!!! like WOW Tash that is just stunning..
what a gorgeous RR she has lanned and your bit is great..
ilove your Chatelaine piece too, you are doing a great job


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