Thursday, October 26, 2006
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
One of my favourite little ladies at work died yesterday. She was such a sweet little thing, everyone loved her... but, she was 104 years old, she was probably ready to go. It was so heartbreaking looking after her for the last few nights and hours. She was really suffering, because her doctor wouldn't give her any pain relief... it's terrible to see someone so distressed and to be so powerless to do anything to help them. I always feel sad when someone dies, but you do get attatched to some of them more than others.

So when I came home from work yesterday, I didn't feel like writing about Liechhardt. So instead, I put in a very large order at Stitched From The Heart. I read on Mel's blog that they are having a closing down sale, and 70% off everything(!) is just too good to miss. So I've been spending money that I don't have. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

The good news is that I think I've finally found a suitable piece of fabric for Toccata 2! It's only taken me 3 months or so. *sigh* The first two pieces I tried were just awful... that's the problem with ordering online... you never get to see exactly what you're buying until it arrives! I finally settled on 36 ct Stitches and Spice Celtic Blend. I did order it online again, but I'm not worried, because I've actually stitched on it before, for my Celtic Banner, and I know it will be lovely. Not so pinky in real life though.

So... I'll be starting that SAL soon, and I'll be posting off my HAED RR in a couple of days (still plugging away at that horrible border...), and receiving (I think) Nicki's to stitch on. Plus, I've signed up for a biscornu exchange at LJ XstitchXchange (link fixed), so I have to find an appropriate pattern and learn how to make one for my recepient. AND I had a new start today! I made myself get started on Jaxon's birth sampler. (No pic yet, so far it's only a blue blobby.) So my fingers are very busy!!

And don't get me started on a week of clinicals, my major assignment (which, of course, I haven't started) due next week, OSCAs coming up, the mortgage being approved (or more likely, rejected) this week, and changing jobs (which further complicates the mortgage stuff)... I'm a very busy little vegemite! (And a bit of a stressed one too!)

Actually, speaking of vegemite, did you hear that they've banned vegemite in the USA?!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006
I was really sick this week. I had a horrible cold. I caught it last weekend from the lady in dementia unit who pinched me on the arm and made me bleed. Horrid old thing. But luckily I'm better now.

The weather this month has been... sporadic. We have a couple 33 degree days in a row, and I pack away my winter blankets and jumpers. And then, like today, all of a sudden it's freezing again. I froze my skin off at work last night because I didn't take my jumper, as it ha been such a hot day. You never know what to expect. My room gets so hot in the afternoon that I can't even sleep in there, and then at night I freeze! I hate the weather like this. It's very strange weather, it's kind of putting me on edge.

Hmm... in other news I'm starting my new job with Tara on November 9th!
I haven't told my manager that yet. I'm dreading that. She's not going to be a very happy vegemite.

Okay, I'm off to work now, but when I get home in the morning I'm going to write something lovely about Leichhardt :)

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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Hmmm.... blogrolling wasn't working all day yesterday for me. Thank goodness it's back up now. It's such a pain to try and remember everyone's blog addresses.

The Needlework Show is on. My wishlist is going to double in size by tomorrow!

Anyway, gtg to work for a fire lecture and a medication assessment. As though I don't have enough assessments to bother with at uni too! *sigh* fingers crossed I can get some stitching done this evening.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I know, it's been a long time since I last updated. I haven't been doing much stitching lately. Too busy with Uni and job interviews and stuff. Oh, btw, the job interview went excellently! It's in an aged care respite centre, but it's really small, only five clients at a time, and my best friend (Tara) is the manager! Tara said that the other interviews were a disaster, so they're pretty desperate. Her boss phoned me this morning and told me that I have the job and can basically pick whatever shifts I like. I'm so relieved! I can't wait to get out of where I work now. I hate that job. And I hate the people I work with. Well, some of the people. But I've been reluctant to leave because they pay above award wages. That's how they trap you, see? They give us an extra dollar an hour so we can NEVER leave (insert evil laugh here). It's cruel!
I have an appointment with our mortgage broker on Friday. My brother, Carl, and I are buying a house. This house actually. I'm going to own my own little apartment! Well, half of it at least. I'm very worried, especially with changing jobs and stuff. Plus...I'm too young to have a mortgage!
So because of all that stuff, I haven't been doing any stitching lately. I've been too tired at work to do anything. Staying awake is hard enough sometimes, and if I try and stitch I usually make too many mistakes. But I have managed to get a bit more done on 'S' (M Designs)

Also, my big little brother has been visiting us on weekends, because he's back in Sydney. But trying to get a decent photo of him is... *cough* well, you get it.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
  • Plan, start and finish my HAED RR. - yep... still working on the border though...

  • Plan and start Jaxon's birth sampler. - well, I have planned it, but still haven't found the right font... I'm thinking of just stitching Noah's Baby.

  • Get out an old UFO to see if I can rescue it for Jack's birth sampler. - Well, I did have a look, but the aida is covered with rust, and I just don't like the pattern any more. Or, I could restart it and make it for Jaxon... hmmm, there's a thought!

  • Put at least one thread in Firefly Fairies. - check! :)

  • DO NOT buy any more stash!!!!!(This is the most important goal) - yes! I did it! aren't you proud of me!

  • Goals for October:
  • Finish 'S' (M Designs)

  • Finish the HAED RR border

  • Start and finish Aussie RR square (if it arrives in time)

  • Do some more of Firefly Fairies

  • Start SOMETHING for Jaxon. No more putting it off!!!!

  • Spend no more than $150 on stash
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