Tuesday, March 27, 2007
I'm really sorry about missing last week's post. It was another bad week involving a late uni assessment, trying to quit one of my jobs, a fight with a friend, and a huge car crash. *sigh* I can't wait until life is normal again!

Anyway, here is what I should have posted last week. I'm working on the very bottom row of Toccata, and Nicki and I decided a couple of things. 1) that those strange animals, despite their extremely long tails and striking resemblace to dogs are actually deer, and 2) that we're far too impatient to call each one of those Long-Tailed Deer (LTD) a separate motif, so they count as part of the tree next to it.

Area 39 - Broad diagonal Cross and cross stitch, LTD, Area 38 - Leviathan Stitch, and LTD
Then, yesterday I woke up at 4:30 am (God only knows why, on my one night a week off, I'm physically unable to sleep in) and stitched this next part.

Area 37 - Queen Stitch, LTD, Area 36 - backstitch, LTD

And then, just for fun, I took some 'relief' pictures

oooh, so pretty! (I'm easily amused).

Working hard this week on another huge assessment, which is due on Monday. (btw, does anyone have any thoughts on the psychosocial response to diagnosis of type II diabetes?) I'm just praying that I'll get this one in on time, but it'll be difficult as I have a very busy weekend. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A thousand apologies for my tardiness. And for my lack of updates. I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing how busy I am these days... but hopefully it'll all be more organised in the near future.

Anyway, down to business. I stitched the alphabet this week and Nicki and I decided that it counts as two motifs, because it's quite humungous.

In other news, I've barely touched a needle, except to put a few more stitches into Mystery X. Part 2 is just so huge, I just feel like I'm stitching and stitching and nothing's changing. Well luckily I got the next round of the HAED RR in the mail this morning, so I'll have a new start to rev me up :)

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Monday, March 05, 2007
I have to post my Toccata II update early this week because I'm going to work in a couple of hours and won't be home again until Thursday evening! I'll be going straight from one job to another job to uni to work again until Thursday night! It's awful! I can't wait for life to just settle down a bit, I'm going crazy!

Anyway, down to business:

This week is Area 27 - Rounded sheaf stitch and 28 - Satin stitch couching.

Next I'm going to head downwards, so I get to say goodbye to the stupid Japan thread for a while. And good riddance too. The next problem is that it's hard to find two areas down the bottom, so we'll have to ponder that for a while.

I'm starting another SAL, Japanese Octagon Box with Kyrie. So exciting. I've wanted to pick this up for a while. Don't ask me when I'm going to fit it all in *sigh*

See you on Thursday evening!


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Sunday, March 04, 2007
I've had the week from hell.

I can't be bothered going over it in detail, it'll probably just make me grumpy, but let's just say that it included uni every afternoon, orientation for the new job every morning, four night shifts, missing classes because I had to stay late at work because the person who was relieving me was an hour and a half(!) late, one blown up car, and walking out the front door without my keys or phone!

Needless to say that by the time I got home on Friday evening I was stressed, exhausted and generally miserable. So I decided I deserved Friday night off work, and enjoyed some well-earned stitching time.

I treated myself to a new start: Boreas. And she's lovely. I'm doing her 2x1 on 18 count ivory aida. I've only done 500 stitches, but it took me all of Friday evening and most of Saturday to do. It's very slow moving, because there are SO MANY colours and most of them are blended. Ack! I will never whinge about a HAED again! But it does look stunning. The picture doesn't really show the subtlety of the colours, but it's lovely in real life trust me.

I've had to really stop myself from starting Silken Spells the last couple of weeks. She's been calling to me. She's on my desktop at the moment, because I usually get sick of things when they're on my desktop, but that's not working at the moment, I just love her. Almost as much as Boreas! But how silly would it be to start her now, I've already got Boreas on the go, not to mention the HAED RR. I would never have any time to spend on her, and any time I did would be much better spent on one of my other many WIPs! I must resist!!!!!

I managed to do a little more on Mystery X yesterday and today. I'm still on Part 2 even though Part 3 came out the other day. But remember, I was over a month late starting, so I don't mind. Part 3 is smaller (but still lovely) so I'm sure I'll catch up. (I'm an optimist...)

I'm going to do some March goals because I haven't done goals for a while now.
1. Finish Part 2 of Mystery X
2. Get at least halfway through Michelle's RR
3. Decide on and collect materials for one PIF gift
4. DO NOT START Silken Spells.

Hmm, it doesn't look like much, but I know that I'm going to struggle to meet those goals. Stupid uni :( Full time is horrible. Plus having the third job is taking up all my spare time. Not to mention all the assignments I have due at the end of the month. Oh how I miss the holidays!

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