Friday, August 22, 2008

If you had to choose, would you rather spend money on overdyed floss or hand-dyed fabric?

Hmm, that is a very very tough choice. I have a real fetish for both. But at the moment I seem to have way more floss than fabric. Plus there is so much gorgous fabric out there! And it's really hard to get what you want on short notice, whereas it is quite easy to find the floss you want. So I'm going to have to vote for fabric.

Speaking of buying yummy fabbie, the Stitches and Craft show is on this weekend. Unfortunately I don't think I'm rich enough to go and indulge :(

Not much stitching is happening here, I'm still working on that assignment. It's due at 4pm today, but I'm really just making a start, so there's no way I'm going to finish in time. But there is hope. I decided to check the handbook for the late penalties. When I was at Sydney Uni, the late penalty was a level a day, so if you were one day late you'd drop from a distinction to a credit, two days late, a pass, and three days late, a fail. But the late penalty at UTS is only 5% per working day. So I can work on it all weekend and hand it in on Monday and only lose 5%! YAY!!!

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At 22 August, 2008 16:14, Anonymous Eva

I agree, I would choose fabric too ;)


At 28 August, 2008 16:06, Anonymous uoip

did you go to the show?


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