Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ooh, it looks so sweet, doesn't it! I love the colours in this. I'm not usually a pink kind of girl, but this is just too pretty! I went to Spotlight (yuck!) at Birkenhead Point on Thursday and bought the silk I needed to line these with. It's white silk dupion, and it's just divine! I'd never heard of it before. It was very expensive, $40 per metre so I only bought 1/2 a metre, that should be plenty for this, but I'd love to go any buy a metre of each colour and use it for all my smalls. It's absolutely decadent.
I got the other equipment I needed (skirtex, fusible interfacing, cloisonne beads) from Dragonfly Dreams when I was there a couple of months ago. I have to say that Karen is the lovliest person! She was so helpful. I was asking her about skirtex, and she didn't know if what she had was appropriate, so she said "Just hold on for a few minutes and I'll phone the designer!" Wow. So she phoned Janie Hubble at work on her mobile phone! It was pretty cool. I can't wait until I have enough cash to make another trip up there!
The only other thing I need for finishing is "heavyweight cardboard". Does anyone know exactly how heavyweight is heavyweight? Should I be able to bend it? It's for the needlebook, so I guess I don't really want that bending, do I? Maybe I should just use skirtex for that too, or would it be too flexy? Oh I don't know. I'm such a dunce at finishing!
Okay, I have to go now because my yummy fish and chips dinner is here. I'm hoping to finish the second panel of the needle book at work tonight. Wish me luck!
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At 11 November, 2007 06:05, Blogger Leslie aka zoeandcooper

Very pretty piece. Have fun finishing it:)


At 11 November, 2007 11:06, Anonymous Anonymous

I'm not sure what they mean by heavyweight either, but then I've never used cardboard in a needlebook, and I've made loads. Every needlebook I've ever made has been 'bendy' - I really don't think it matters. That is a really pretty piece's going to be delicious when it's all made up!


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