Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Isn't it nice to have a rainy day? I love the rain. The only thing I like better is a thunderstorm, we usually get a few in November in Sydney. Unfortunately today was just rain. Not even any wind to speak of. Oh well, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I didn't go to uni today.... very naughty of me, I know, but it was the last class for Patho, and it's mainly revision, so I decided to stay home and generally lay about the house and stitch. I've finished all the crosses on Running Rabbits, and it's just been washed and is hanging up to dry now. Tomorrow I'll attach the beads and the charm to the centre and give you a picture. I'm thinking of framing this to give to the lady who gave me the kit. At least I know she'll like it! If I can't find a frame then I might finish it into a little cushion or something, or maybe a pinkeep if I'm feeling adventurous!

Mel helped me out with my blog problem. I think the problem is the way webshots hosts pictures, it seems to change the url of the photo every hour or so, so I stuck it on Flickr instead... fingers crossed it goes better this time.
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At 07 November, 2007 08:14, Anonymous Anonymous

haha.. Only an Aussie would be so delighted by a rainy day! I must have spent too long in the UK, I just can't get up much enthusiasm for rain, even though I know we need it. Another wet one today...


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