Monday, July 02, 2007
It's been a while since I made any goals, but I really wanted to start this up again, as I like to have some way to measure my progress.
  • Finish Toccata II
  • Finish a PIF gift
  • Start another PIF
  • Plan the other two PIFs
  • Start the next round of HAED RR when I get it
  • Finish part 2 of Mystery X
  • Finish up to page 8 of Tranquility

I also want to make some non stitching goals

  • Clean my room
  • Organise my bookshelves
  • Toss my horrible desk
  • Look for a chair
  • No sickies from work!

hmmm, I know there are lots more, but I think that'll do for now :)


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At 04 July, 2007 03:09, Blogger Michelle

Sounds like you've set some great goals for yourself! I'm trying out doing goals again too, last month was the first month in a while that I set any.


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