Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Yay! I've finished my exams! Now I have no uni or study or anything until August :) It's such a nice feeling. The exam this morning was good. Not great, but oh well. I only studied on the train on the way in, so what do I expect. I'm sure I'll still get a credit though, which I'm satisfied with.

I left my exam 2 hours early, decided to wait around until Catherine (my sister) had finished her exam, so wandered up to the main campus and went to the Beautiful Minds exhibition. It was a collection of Nobel Prize winners, the people and the discoveries and inventions. It was fantastic. It's quite awesome to see the actual petri dish and culture that Alexander Fleming used when he discovered Penicillin, Marie Curie's equipment, Watson and Crick's models of the double helix, and the first ever X-Ray tube, and so many more things that I've learnt about over the years. I came home feeling all inspired.... and promptly sat down to stitch.

So, here are this week's motifs for my Toccata II SAL with Nicki. Area 10 - Ringed back stitch band and Area 11 - Satin stitch and tied cross.
I also attempted to take a photo of the whole thing in the sunshine, but it didn't turn out so well. Probably because there was only five minutes of sunshine to be had this week, the rest of the week has just been wind and rain and more wind... just the way I like it :) And I'm even more excited because there's a big storm coming tonight. I love storms, they're so.... dynamic. You can just feel that every molecule in the air is charged! But anyway, here's the dodgy pic.
I actually stitched some time last week, but tonight I finished stitching the last panel frame on JOB , although I could barely see through my tears... I was watching the most tragic episode of NCIS (actually, you can see it on the telly in the photo... hahaha! And you can see my lovely warm socks) It's such a relief to finally finish all those black frames. I find that kind of stitching really boring, and that was the part that was majorly slowing me down last time. Once I finish all the repetitive lanterns and details on the frames, it'll be a breeze :)
So... tomorrow is my first day with no uni or study hanging over my head! I wish I didn't have to work...lol!

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At 21 June, 2007 01:43, Blogger Michelle

Great progress on both your WIPs - they look amazing! I love storms too (when I'm safe and comfy at home).


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