Sunday, April 15, 2007
Here's week two of Tranquility Mystery Sampler. I'm loving this so far. 1x1 stitching is so lovely, and it's so much fun choosing what colour to use next. I managed to get to Victoria House on my way down to Canberra last Sunday, and bought threads, (all GAST and WDW), and got thoroughly ripped off. 13 threads cost me $71.50!!! At the Crewel Gobelin it would only have cost me about $50 and online it would have cost me even less, including postage! But I am too impatient, so I paid the $71 and got over it! The colours I've used so far are GAST Cherub (LE), Cherry wine, and Bayberry (simply shaker), and WDW Curry and Purple Haze. The chart for week three is up, and I'm already deciding what colours I'm going to use.

I had a week off uni last week, but I still managed to get no stitching done whatsoever. Only a few hours on Mystery X, a few more hours on Michelle's RR, and page 2 of Tranquility Sampler. I haven't even done my motifs for Toccata II yet. I was hoping to get so much done this week. And back to uni next week *sigh*. But, I've decided that Tranquility is the perfect size to do at uni during lectures, so at least I'll be sure to keep up with it :)

So... tomorrow I was hoping to get a lot of stitching done, but I was asked to do a shopping service for a couple tomorrow morning, and I have to go and clean Dad's house in the afternoon. What a bummer :( Maybe I can do a quick job of the cleaning and be finished by about 4ish, then I can stitch until I have to go to work at 8. Here's hoping!

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At 17 April, 2007 13:34, Blogger fudgey

you went with a little yellow crown too..makes sense to me a crown should have golden tones to it.i love the colours you are using so far!!


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