Thursday, June 14, 2007
Yay! A finish! This is Leigh's square for the HAED RR. Her theme was Ian Daniels, and I stitched from "A Rose Among Thorns". I think this is a lovely picture, and I can just imagine the kind of romantic story that led up to this scene. Plus he's very handsome. He's my boyfriend, and I've christened him Phillip :D

I decided to try cross-country stitching on him, rather than parking as I usually do for HAEDs, and I'm surprised to say that I think it was actually faster. Not to mention the back is a bit neater (but not much neater, my backs are always atrocious, but I figure, that it's the front that matters, isn't it?!)

So here's the whole thing after me. Looks gorgeous, doesn't it. Only one more person to stitch on this one! It would be lovely to see all of these robins in person after they're finished. In fact, it would be lovely to see everyone's stitching in person, but it's just not going to happen, is it? click for nice big pictures :)

I was rudely awoken at 7:30 this morning by Mum calling from her car, as she was stuck in 8 inches of snow! I'm jealous. I haven't seen snow for years! It doesn't happen a lot here in Sydney. Actually it doesn't happen often down in Canberra either, but today must be Mum's lucky day :)

Okay, now I'm off to study. *sigh* I have an exam tomorrow, and I haven't even started studying. It's a content heavy subject: childrens nursing. At least it's mildly interesting, that usually helps to motivate me. Well, hopefully studying will keep me from making a very naughty new start. Probably not. I have her as my desktop picture, just to tempt me a bit more. I even got out the fabbie to admire last night. Must....not....start....

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At 14 June, 2007 10:42, Blogger Kielrain

It looks amazing. heh. When I finally get it back I will always look at him as Phillip now. giggle.


At 14 June, 2007 13:08, Blogger Arthemise

He is mighty handsome!


At 14 June, 2007 15:57, Anonymous Virpi

Your finish looks awsome!


At 15 June, 2007 23:39, Blogger Nicki

Wow, that does look good. All of them together is just amazing :)


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