Tuesday, June 12, 2007
I'm back! I'm soooo sorry for being gone for so long. I had a lovely trip down to Canberra, followed by a horrible week of clinical, at Ryde hospital (I swear, no matter how sick I am, I'm never going there!) And after that, my back went out again. I have two prolapsed discs, which usually don't cause me any problems, but occasionally, it just goes. So I was on my back (literally) for eight days. It hurt to sit up and stitch, so I only got a few hours done. I could hardly even use the computer. And even now I'm still still on horrible pain killers that make me so sick and drowsy that I can't concentrate on stitching or reading or anything. At least I've got a couple of weeks off work, which I can't complain about. But I will be complaining at the end of the month when my mortgage payment is due.. eeek!

In other news, my brother Carl, who's in the Navy, got on his ship and sailed away to Iraq. My little brother is going to war :( Actually, it's quite funny, my father served in the first Gulf war, and now Carl is going off to the second. He acutally sailed from Perth, so I didn't get to see him off, but it sounds like it was just a giant sob-fest. He'll be back at Christmas time, only 7 months, not very long really. But he left his girlfriend, my old school friend Naomi behind, and she's been messaging me constantly, she misses him terribly.

So, back to stitching. I am aware that I owe three weeks of SAL updates, and I must confess that I haven't even been stitching on JOB. Yesterday was the first time I touched it in weeks, and the little I did wasn't even worth photographing, just the top half of the border of the last panel. Next Monday I'll definitely finish that one, and that'll be a big milestone for me. The repitive borders were the biggest thing that slowed me down last time. But I have been doing Toccata II. The first picture shows two weeks worth of stitching, I did very simple motifs because I was so doped up, and it took me a couple of days to do even one!

The next two pictures are the motifs I did for this week. I had trouble with the butterfly, it took me the whole weekend to do! I should have stuck to simple ones. But I did finish it in the end.

I haven't labeled any of the areas because it's too painful to stand up and fetch the chart. I can't wait until I'm back to normal again.

I do have more photos, but I'll share them tomorrow.

Okay, I'm really tired, so I'm going to sleep. Goodnight :)

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At 12 June, 2007 23:44, Blogger kizmet-kitten

Well, that makes two of us being slack with JOB! I really need to force myself to stitch on that one again, I miss it but my stitching mojo is currently hiding under a rock.

I love the butterfly motif. It's so pretty! I can appreciate the things taking a long time thing though - I'm the same way at the moment.


At 13 June, 2007 10:31, Blogger The needle & I

Hi! I really enjoyed browsing your blog. Toccata II is looking soo good. The butterfly is just beautiful. I love your mystery X ??and the fabric. I havent seen that before. Ranae


At 15 June, 2007 23:42, Blogger Nicki

It's looking really good :) If you need time off the SAL, just let me know. I think I worked out we have 6 more weeks left to do (if you count this one). Is that right?


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