Monday, June 18, 2007
Aargh, I have the hiccups! The painful ones. I hate hiccups.

I'm only blogging because I should be studying... hahaha :) My exam today was great, despite the fact that I only spent about 2 hourse studying. But tomorrow's will be a lot harder. I just can't be bothered studying. I want someone to do it for me and then just pour it all into my head. Ah well, I'll study on the train on the way in in the morning.

I didn't stitch on JOB today. I know, I'm so naughty. I think I might do it after my exam tomorrow instead, I hope you don't mind Kyrie :(

Aargh, I still have the hiccups! And Desperate Housewives is on now so bye :)
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At 18 June, 2007 23:12, Blogger kizmet-kitten

its alright tash. i've had a brain-fog day today, and completely forgot it was monday! so tomorrow would be good. I really need to get mine out again, it's beautiful and I've neglected it.


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