Saturday, June 30, 2007
It's so nice to be home :) I spent a lovely few days in Jarvis Bay this week. We went down to watch my littlest brother, Jamie, "pass out" from his Naval Officer training. It's not the first time I've seen it all of course, my other little brother, Carl, went through the same thing three years ago, and both of my parents were in the Navy, in fact they met at HMAS Creswell, and spent the whole weekend reminiscing and being very romantic with each other. So the week was filled with getting dressed up, sitting through boring ceremonies, and then schmoozing with people my parents knew, and I had to pretend to remember meeting when I was knee-high. I hate that kind of social function, where you have to pretend to be charming and witty with people you don't know. But it was quite exciting to meet and chat with some very important people, including the Chief of Navy, Chief of Police, etc. It was a bit intimidating, I felt like such a no-one, but all these men came up to shake my Dad's hand so I was also introduced. I think my Dad is quite an important person too.. or at least well known and liked. I also met my sister's boyfriend, and his family, and had a chance to catch up with some old family friends. Having grown up in a Navy family, and moving all over the country and the world, we met so many people when we were in one place or another, every time we catch up with them it's like a big reunion. But all in all it was an interesting and lovely week.

So of course, we were so busy with cocktail parties, receptions, parades, and the ball, that I had no time at all to get any stitching done, until the train trip home. I've done a little more on tranquility, but I spent most of my time frogging. I decided to take out the green motif on the first row and replace it with blue, and I'm considering taking out the light green one next to it, but I'll decide on that later, after I see the blue.

At the beginning of the week I was very good with my SALs. I put about 4 hours into JOB on Monday, and felt very proud of myself, and just as I popped online to upload the picture, I realised that the internet wasn't working, and neither was the phone! So I spent an extra hour and a half stitching whilst on hold with Optus trying to get it fixed. Well, they finally fixed it yesterday, as I discovered when I got home last night. So now I can post my SAL pics.
For Toccata II this week I did 'A' and Area 2. I was going to do Area 1, but I couldn't be bothered getting up off my bum to go and fetch my beading thread. *sigh* laziness is a curse.

Okay, next post I'll talk about Wednesday's trip to The Craft and Quilt Fair, and I'll show you all the lovely stash I bought :)

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