Saturday, September 30, 2006
I know, it's been a long time between updates... that seems to be a trend with me. But I promise that I have been stitching, a little bit. Actually, I'm having problems with my right shoulder; I never knew there were such things as stitching injuries, but now I do. It's just so sore and tight! I took a week off stitching, which did help, but only temporarily. Ah well. I'm just going to have to invest in a massage once a month. What a shame!

I've been working on 'S' (M Designs), and I'm about 1/3 done... it's lovely. My friend Veronica is actually doing the exact same chart at the moment, so next week I'll ask her if I can take a picture of hers and post it. Hers is even more gorgeous than mine! (d'oh!)

My first ever foray into hardanger embroidery, and I really enjoyed it! It was a kit that Mum gave me when I was down in Canberra visiting her last week. It only took me a few hours. (I did it whilst watching the first season of the Golden Girls, I love them!)

I really want to make a doily or a table cloth... but that might be a bit adventurous. I've been looking for patterns, but haven't found many that I really love. I'm kind of becoming obsessed with the idea though. I'm dreaming about hardanger!

I think it's a bit naughty to call this a finish, because I'm meant to make it into a cushion, but I don't have a sewing machine, and I'm too scared to hand sew it. I'll have to ask Mummy dearest to do it for me :D

And look! I've been stitching on Firefly Fairies. My thread heaven arrived in the mail, and I decided to test it out with the Kreiniks in this chart... and I have to say, it's pretty good. Not perfect, but a vast improvement.

I've rediscovered my love for this chart. Actually, I've really been enjoying all of my cross stitching lately, but there is (always) one exception. I've been trying to do the border on my HAED RR, and it's driving me insane! Insane I say! I wish to god that I hadn't chosen such a complicated border. I'll have to show you a picture some other time. I can't even bear to think about it long enough to get it out and photograph it. Aaaargh!

In other news, I've applied for a cushy job in another village, which I'm sure to get (since my best friend is the manager... hehehe, friends in high places) and I'm so excited! I keep imagining the interview, and thinking about the work and everything, and I'm thinking about it so much that I'm actually losing sleep over it! I'm off to bed now though; hopefully I can get thoughts of lovely new jobs and hardanger out of my head long enough for a few hours sleep!

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At 30 September, 2006 23:21, Blogger Arthemise

Be careful with your shoulder! I too have pain if I stitch too long. I wonder what it will be like when I'm 65.

What fabric are you stitching Firefly Fairies on?

I can't wait to see your border for the HAED RR. And in person no less! I'm sure it will be lovely.


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